Widow’s Guidance

What now?  What next?  asks the new widow

Being a widow is so much more than just legal or financial matters. There are so many areas of life that confront a widow before, during and after a loved one dies. Answering the questions about what is going on with the human spirit and mind are equally important because the heart, mind, soul and body work together in synergy.

The widow stands alone, confronted with strange and complex legal and financial duties. When one just needs to time to grieve and get her balance back, the government, financial institutions, court system and relatives are demanding that she take care of business right away. Many widows try to do it by themselves and unwittingly make serious errors that cost time, taxes, money and hard feelings among family members.

Most self-help books for widows seem to focus on one aspect at a time. Reference materials often cover only the financial or the legal side or the dying/grief process or the spiritual aspects or how to work through daily adjustments after the loss of a loved one. Guides for widows usually contain too much legal or technical jargon. Many widows throw up their hands and quit or turn everything over to well-meaning but ill-informed or self-serving family members.

But, armed with adequate knowledge and support, any widow can make legal and life decisions that are in her best interests and the best for her family. If you are a widow or know a widow who needs guidance, check out www.widowkey.com for information, resources and connections.

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