Widow Runs to Overcome Grief

After losing her husband, Tom, which left her with the challenge of raising two children on her own and dealing with the grief of her husband’s death, Susan Hullihen took up the sport of running. She found comfort in running, seeing it as a way to deal with pain and depression, to cope and get in shape. On April 18, she will be running a 26.2 mile race in the world-renowned Boston Marathon.

Running is a safe, positive, healthy and personal time to grieve and deal. Exercise like running includes conditioning the body and muscles, nutrition and mental. Hullihen says that running is “…also for my ‘me’ time to sort through daily circumstances of family, life and my job; but mostly to complain, cry and talk to God and Tom. I am now excited and honored to see that I took my life situations and turned them into something positive and rewarding for God, myself and my family. Boston, I am ready.”

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