Whether you think so at first, there finally comes a day when you actually feel better and when you are no longer consumed with grief. You come to terms with the fact that your loved one is gone and never coming back. You become more appreciative and aware of life’s gifts and living in the here and now.

The depth and timelines of mourning are different for everyone. However, trust that there is a point where you actually do feel better and are no longer overcome by fear and sad thoughts. When you have allowed yourself to grieve fully and do what you need to do to process your loss, then you can walk the final step. To live your life fully is in no way dismissive of your late husband’s life or all that he meant to you.

There are moments when you are thrilled to be alive and anxious to see what comes into your life. It is wonderful when you get to this turning point, but sometimes widows find it hard to embrace this final step in overcoming the loss. It is all right to admit you’re OK without him, life is good, you are happy again and you don’t feel guilty about it anymore. You can laugh, enjoy life, be open to new experiences or love and yet not have to punctuate it with “but, of course, I’ll always love and miss him.” Visualize a way, time and place where you are happy again, then make it come true for yourself.

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