Change is Tough

Change is tough when you are on the receiving end.
It can be exhilarating to see all the possibilities that change affords, and then to align resources, systems and life to make them happen. Change really can be fun if you choose to be a “change maker.” Unless you are on the receiving end, then you are a “change-taker.” For most people, the status quo is their friend. Unexpected change is not exhilarating; it is disorienting. When your view of the world has been based on the assumption that you could pretty much count on the future being like the past. The changes you must make invalidate that assumption and disrupt your worldview. You are being forced to let go of the familiar, while being asked to embrace something new. It is not so be easy. Every conceivable emotion will be unleashed — fear, anger, envy, depression. Some will be vocal, others silent. Some will be aggressively hostile, others passive aggressive. Some will be consciously resistant, others will not be aware of their own resistance. Change creates grief. Grieving is essential to change.
Grief actually serves a good purpose when dealing with change. Grieving is the process of reconciling yourself with new circumstances, with a changed world. Without grief, change would paralyze you; drive you insane. Before people can reconcile themselves to change, they must go through the grieving transition cycle. No exceptions. There is no shortcut or way around.

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