Grieving is Essential to Change

Grieving is essential to change. Grief actually serves a good purpose when dealing with change. Grieving is the process of reconciling yourself with new circumstances, with a changed world. Without grief, change would paralyze you; drive you insane. Before people can reconcile themselves to change, they must go through the grieving transition cycle. No exceptions. There is no shortcut or way around.
When you are experiencing a great change and the process of grieving, here are some tips for successfully making it though the process.
1. Change threatens your assumptions and beliefs. You face a new reality. Realize that not changing is not an option. What is not changing are your core values.
2. The threat of change leads to fear — often expressed as anger. Honor and understand the fear — explicitly explore the worst outcomes that can be imagined, along with the worst outcomes of not changing.
3. At this stage, you probably want to hold on to as much of the past as possible. However, keep your focus on the present and the future purpose — the goals that need to be achieved through change. Don’t relent. Don’t discount commitment to your purpose. Stay loose on the rest.
4. Don’t even entertain thoughts of giving in and giving up. Never stop fighting. The risk is that you will get stuck there in prolonged grief. Instead, provide yourself a future vision, a picture of the new normal. Make the new tangible.
5. Accept and celebrate. Create a ceremony of acceptance around the changes you are going through. Build trust and confidence in the possibilities.

Change is inevitable, even necessary. But it is not easy. Grief is part of the process and grief is good in helping you let go of the past so you can embrace the future.

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