Healing Symbols


From statues to scholarships to crosses, there have been hundreds of tangible and intangible memorials to commemorate the lives of those who died. None of the ordinary ones could bring solace to Abigail Carter, a Canadian woman who lost her husband Arron in the fateful September 11th attack. “Certain icons represented death or more specifically, a 9/11 death. They are symbols of a more universal mythology; they certainly do not apply to the man I knew and loved,” she wrote in 2005 article. Carter said she had to find her own way to grieve and it came in the form of a birdbath, a book and a personal blog.

After having returned from the first anniversary ceremony at Ground Zero, Carter searched for a way to remember her husband. She turned to her husband’s pet name for her – “Bird.” Carter and her children, Olivia and Carter, built a birdbath adorned with butterflies, birds, a brown cow, golden retriever, a horse and a moon – all symbols of the love they shared as family. She also started to write, and through her words she finally began to heal. “It was very cathartic as well. I was writing and crying and writing and remembering,” she says.

Find your own healing symbols. Honor the one you lost with a personal symbol and by living your own life to the fullest.

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