Common Rules of Funeral Etiquette

If you are a guest attending a traditional funeral you might be aware of some of the common customs, and therefore can be ready for the process. If you are attending a non-traditional or personalized funeral, there’s a greater chance that you won’t be familiar with what is happening. However, regardless of the type of funeral you are attending, there are some common rules of etiquette for funerals:  Read the Article

Don’t Take Passwords to the Grave

Your survivors will have enough on their minds when you die, so take steps now to ensure that they’ll be able to access your digital accounts. When my father had a stroke while on vacation, my stepmother was flummoxed. She needed access to their joint checking account, but he had always handled their money, and she didn’t know the PIN needed to get cash from an ATM. The best my dad could…  Read the Article

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